Business Applications Architect

Business Applications Architect 3.0

It offers procedures to create database applications without code writing
3.0.1 (See all)

BA Architect is a solution that offers much more than a unified platform for your end-user database applications. It offers a set of RAD procedures to create database applications in less than 15 minutes without code writing. Instead of manually writing create/retrieve/update/delete code, BA Architect automatically generates complex business requests which are used to handle concurrency issues and introduce business logic into data maintenance.
Main features:
- Ability to create a simple user interface (GUI) for databases or complex database applications using RAD tools
- Fully-fledged corporate solutions and commercial applications in less than 15 minutes without code writing and form designing
- Unified application platform
- Any existing database (MS Access, SQL Server or Oracle) can be used. Data tables and relations can be imported automatically from the data source.
- Automatic generation and update of display and edit forms
- Built-in report designer allows you to create reports of any complexity
- Easy application migration to a new data source

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